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This is a collection of pictures from the past few years. The collection has grown a lot since I started using iPhoto and BetterHTMLExport. For the curious gear-heads, SLR shots were taken with a Pentax P30. Older digital images (1997-2002) were done with a Konica Q-Mini. Images from 2003-2005 were taken with a Canon Powershot S300. My sister got us a Canon Powershot SD550 for christmas in 2005 so the newest shots have been taken with that. There are a few shots from a waterproof disposable, and it should be obvious which. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. ~Andy


Camera Phone shots - Misc 2007
Tommy's Track Day - June 21
Art Deco in Portland - May 06
Woodlawn Grid Break - April 06
46 mile loop
Alberta Fisheye - May 2005
50mm lens - Feb 2005
One Frozen Night - ice storm in Portland
Hop Madness 2004
Snow Homer Dec 2001


Panoramic Images - A growing collection
T-shirt Iron-On's image collection
Blue Note Fakes - 2000


Most of my images are now on Flickr.
Bermuda - May 2004
Las Vegas - Penta-fecta bachelor party, 2004
Holden Village - December 2003
Boston, MA - 2002 - WebCT Conference
Bahamas - Spring 2001
England - digital - 2000
GREAT BRITAIN - Full Rez - 2000
Alpine Lakes, Bellingham, La Push - 2000
Kauai - Spring 2000
Maui - Spring 1999
Olympic Peninsula - 1999
Hawaii - Spring 1998
Germany, Austria, Switzerland - 1996


I've removed these galleries because of adulting